Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes
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Everyone wants to be fit, healthy and happy in their own body, but finding the right way to achieve it is always the tough part. Spin activity centre is not a gym, we don’t charge membership fees, we don’t have any boring free weights, or machines that people don’t really know how to use. We do however have a great range of classes and activities and most importantly the right attitude to help you enjoy your exercise.

Fun Workout:

Classes like Zumba, Boogie Bounce and Pole Fitness are great alternative ways to have fun while getting that workout that normally feels like a chore. All our class instructors are friendly, enthusiastic and love what they are teaching which is something that everyone benefits from. Boogie Bounce is a low impact way of burning between 500 and 800 calories per session. Pole Fitness benefits include weight loss, increased flexibility and confidence and increased strength and toning. Zumba is a great cardio class and something that has been massively popular all over the world for the last 5 to 10 years.


Most of our classes are available on a drop in basis so there are no upfront payments and on classes where pre booking per term is essential to make sure we control class numbers, priority booking is available to existing class participants.

Ditch The Gym:

If you feel a gym is not for you and you don’t fancy pounding the streets on cold dark winters evenings there is an alternative way of keeping fit here at Spin Activity Centre. So don’t waste any more time and get started today!